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→ The Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea.




Please do not scroll past this. This is lengthy, but please take care to read it. Our government is lying to us and trying to shut up the efforts of the families of the missing who are trying to tell the truth.

1.There were constant…


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DGNA - haru*hana 1180x1725if re-uploading please source properly
DGNA - haru*hana 1180x1725

if re-uploading please source properly

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Jihwan casually using his noona-killing skills on camera

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cheer up and dry your damp eyes 
and tell me when it rains

and I'll blend up that rainbow above you
and shoot it through your veins

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you little—ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

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Hyunmin - F to F March 2014 1651x2405if re-uploading please source properly
Hyunmin - F to F March 2014 1651x2405

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Karam - F to F March 2014 1896x2774if re-uploading please source properly
Karam - F to F March 2014 1896x2774

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because only kat would reblog my terrible quality mika gifs, i’ll post these ones that weren’t in the sets. XD i like this one because it looks like he’s snuggling back into himself.

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140306 “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” Soundtrack Preview

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140307 The Boss 2014 Tokyo Live Message

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